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Ancient Technology

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Ancient Technologies

And out of place artefacts.



Antikythera mechanism - 150-100 BC - Greek

An ancient mechanical analog computer designed to calculate astronomical positions.



Baghdad Battery - 250-224 AD - Persian

Common name for a number of artifacts apparently discovered in the village of Khuyut Rabbou'a. They may have been galvanic cells, perhaps used for electroplating gold onto silver objects.



Dendera light - Ancient Egyptian

Three stone reliefs located (one single and a double representation) in the Hathor temple at the Dendera Temple complex in Egypt. Controversy arose when the main object in the images was interpreted by some as electric lamps based on comparison to modern devices. Engineers have constructed a working model based on the reliefs and some authors have produced a basic theory of the device's operation.



South Pointing Chariot - circa 2600 BC - Chinese

Widely regarded as the most complex geared mechanism of the ancient Chinese civilization. The chariot is a two-wheeled vehicle, upon which is a pointing figure connected to the wheels by means of differential gearing. Through careful selection of wheel size, track and gear ratios, the figure atop the chariot will always point in the same direction.



Visby lenses - circa 900 AD - Viking

A collection of lens-shaped manufactured objects made of rock crystal. Some of them are mounted in silver and may have been carried as a pendant, but others appear not to have been used as jewellery. The lenses have good optical properties, comparable to lenses manufactured in the 20th century. They are unusual in being aspheric, having an ellipsoidal profile.



Saqqara Bird - 200 BC - Egyptian

A bird-like artifact made of sycamore wood. The artifact has a beak, holes for feathers, and eyes, and was painted to resemble a falcon with clear images and carving of feathers on the wings. It has bee argued the artifact could function as a glider if it had a tailplane, and "...seemed to incorporate principles of aircraft design that had taken modern engineers decades of experimentation to discover and perfect."



Ancient Civilisations





Chinese Dynasties





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