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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 11 months ago

Flirting with Cytherea

A nice shiny book all about the planet Venus.


Cytherea Chapter 1 - Love-Hate Relationship

Introducing the planet Venus, some facts and misinformation about it and peoples opinions towards it.


Cytherea Chapter 2 - Fire and Brimstone

The geology of Venus - what we know and what we think we know.


Cytherea Chapter 3 - The Sweet Scent of Sulphur

About Venus's atmosphere, it's supercritical surface, acid clouds and heavy metal snow.


Cytherea Chapter 4 - Gaia's Evil Twin

What traits do Venus and Earth share in common?


Cytherea Chapter 5 - Magnetic Attraction

The mystery of the missing magnetic field, Venus's core and internal structure.


Cytherea Chapter 6 - Aphrodite's Children

Is there now, or was there ever life on Venus?


Cytherea Chapter 7 - Dangerous Liaisons

About the various Venus missions, and the possibility of manned exploration.


Cytherea Chapter 8 - Wandering Nymphs

Is ours the only Venus, or do others exist around other stars?

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