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Tau Sagittarii

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Tau Sagittarii

aka 40 Sagitarii, HR 7234, HD 177716, SAO 187683, HIP 93864


Possible source of the 1977 Wow Signal.


Image: Tau Sagittarii compared to the sun.


Star Data


Light Orange Giant star

Spectral Type: K1

Luminosity Class: III

Color indices: B-V= +1.19, U-B= +1.15


Visual Magnitude: 3.32

Absolute Magnitude: 0.48

Magnitude Ranking: 241th



Equatorial Coord: 19h 07m - 27.7˚ (R.A./Declination - epoch 2000)

Galactic Coord: 9.3 -15.4 (long/lat)


Celestial (X,Y,Z) coordinates in ly: 30.7, -102, -55.9

Galactic (X,Y,Z) coordinates in ly: 114, 19.5, -33.1


Hipparcos parallax: 27.09 milli-arcseconds

Parallax Error: 1.48 milli-arcseconds


Proper motion: 0.255 arcsec/yr (192.0° from north)

Radial Velocity: 45.4 km/sec

Galactic (U,V,W) velocity components in km/s: 48.1, -36.2, -20.7



190% Solar Diameter

?% Solar Mass

559% Solar Luminosity

Surface Temperature: ~4000K


Comfort Zone: 7.48 AU

Age: ? Billion Years

Distance from Earth: 120 light years (36.9 parsecs)


Ref:Internet Stellar Database

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